Padded Envelopes

What you need to know about padded envelopes depends on exactly what you are using them for.  Most people use them to give a bit of extra protection to items during mailing.  These padded mailing envelopes are generally not used to protect very fragile items because they don’t afford a considerable amount of cushioning.

Fortunately, though, they do work great at giving that extra little bit of padding to ease your mind that your commonly mailed items are safe during the shipping process.

How To Make The Most Of Your Padded Envelopes
If you want to ensure that your padded mailers actually do what they were designed to, you need to be mailing the right things in them.  Ideally a mailing envelope of this time is used to mail flat, regular-shaped items.  Big/bulky/easily breakable packages are not suited for bubble bags mailers because they only usually have one layer of bubble wrap in them.  They could possibly still be used if you wrap the items in a few layers of extra bubble wrap first!

To properly use these envelopes make sure you choose one that isn’t a whole lot bigger than the item itself.  The extra benefit of the padding is easily lost if the item can slide about inside the envelop too easily!

What Is The Best Way To Buy Padded Envelopes?
Buying padded envelopes can be expensive if you get them individually.  The good news is that you can save a considerable amount of money on this type of item if you buy them in bulk.  Some sites even have small padded mailers for as low as $1 per package of six!  As you can see, this is much cheaper than spending $1 to $2 per envelope.  Do your research and you can easily find great deals on padded mailing envelopes.


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